Welcome on my pages dedicated mainly to photography.

Gallery contains some of my pictures. In the part dedicated to macrophotography you can find many butterflies, dragonflies, damsel-flies and many other small animals like lizards or frogs. However, as I don't shoot only macro, you can find here also images of much bigger objects like Moon eclipse or aura borealis.

Apart from images, you can find here also several articles about photography - mainly some ideas for home made tool (how to create a small softbox, how to optically trigger flash or how to exactly balance gray color in a picture so that it is really neutral).

In the software section you can find several freeware programs I wrote. There are mainly simple tools for video editing and for image enhancements. All programs on this page are freeware and some of them even with source code. All programs were developed for MS-Windows.

Libor Šindlar (vrana)