Mobile version of optical flash trigger

In addition to previously published version of flash trigger I have created another mobile version. Small plastic box 9*6.5*4 cm already contains power source (9V battery) and there is socket on the top side of the box for attaching any flash. In my case I have used Vivitar 285HV flash with automatic and manual power control. The schema is not identical to the "big" trigger. Just two thyristors were used instead of eight. One fo the flash socket and another for small jack connector. Moreover, there is one resistor 2k2 for each thyristor (instead of one resistor for all thyristors). As I had to minimize power consumption, R14 was increased from 1k to 2k2. To more save power, I had used a green "power ON" LED between plus side of battery and input of 7805 stabilizer. This means that whole electronics is powered via this LED.