Borders 1.0 (c) 1-Aug-02 Vrana - freeware: borders download

Borders - program for adding borders and copyright info into images. It is possible to specify border size (independent in X and Y direction) and color (default is black). Also copyright message can be added into bottom right corner.

Program usage:
borders [options] source_image [destination_name]

-x nn specify the X size of the border (default 5 pixels)
-y nn specify the Y size of the border (default 5 pixels)
-c RGB specify border color as RGB hexa number (default is black)
-f fname file name with copyright info (default copyright.tga)

If no destination file name is specified then the destination has the same name as the source - only letter "b" is added at the end of the name. When directory name is used in source image specification (including "." for the current directory) then all TGA images from the directory are processed.

Non-black pixels from the copyright image are copied to the destination. The copyright is placed into the bottom right corner and its exact position can be changed by adding black rows and columns to the copyright file. The copyright file can be either in the current directory or in the same directory as this executable.

All images must be in uncompressed TGA format!

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