Double frame 1.3 (c) 24-Feb-02 Vrana - freeware: dframe download

DFrame - program for detection of double frames in AVI files that can appear during copying of digital video (DV) from tape to PC. The frames are created by video camera when the tape cannot be read. In such case, the previous frame (or part of the previous frame) is inserted into the current one. This way, it is still possible to watch the video even when the quality is not 100%.

This phenomenon is not very common. On some tapes, there can be even several such frames (out of  90000 frames in one hour). Sometimes, there are no problems at all.

Anyway, to achieve the best possible quality of the final result, scenes with such problematic frames should be cut-out. This program will find them and print their position (frame + time).

Program was tested in Windows 2000 but should work also on other Win32 systems. DirextX 8.1 is required with all corresponding DirectShow components. The checking speed should be similar to real time on a 0.5GHz CPU.

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