Free Software

Here are some freeware programs I wrote. Usually, the programs are simple utilities for Windows. Most of them are console applications without any GUI. By clicking on the selected links you can display detailed description. If you like the programs, you can freely download and use them.

Simple command-line program for removing stripes from HP S20 film scanner.
Program for detection of double frames in DV video stream.
Program for archiving large DV files on several CD-ROMs. Multiple parity files are used for reconstruction when some disks are not 100% readable.
Directory structure archiver. Names of all files in subdirectories are added into .RAR file. This file can be then viewed as virtual disk in WinCommander.
Iterating generator. Generates sequence of strings with given mask. Can be used for mass downloading. Example of generated string: for numbers 1-100
Program for adding borders to images including simple copyright message.